Remarketing - Order remarketing settings in Google adwords. Price of the service


Need to return users who did not order?

Remarketing helps with this

Remarketing (another name - retargeting) - advertising technology, which involves demonstrating of ads with the offers already viewed by an Internet user. This technology allows you to return to the site the people who have already visited it, but did not execute the actions of interest of the owner of this resource.


How remarketing works

To strike home to you, it is necessary to consider this work of the technology on a concrete example. The Internet user types a request “to buy Samsung Galaxy S8" in the search engine, and clicks on one of the links in the issuance which leads him to the site of the online store, where there is a product he is interested in.

After some time, for some reason, the client leaves the resource without making a purchase. But if the site is promoted through the advertisement in the corresponding search engine, soon, when he goes to other resources or simply search for information in search engines, an ad will be shown, which will contain a link to the site, where he would go to buy a phone.

Some users click on such advertisements, and make an order at the long last.

Retargeting ads can be shown on any resource where relevant advertising is published. In the case of Google Adwords, they can be displayed:

  • - in separate blocks of search delivery;
  • - on YouTube video hosting;
  • - on partner resources that earn on Google Adsense.

Retargeting ads could be presented in the form of banners, text (link with anchor and description) or video (on YouTube).


Price of remarketing

We work with the advertising budget from - 100 EUR

Commission for the creation and maintenance of advertising campaigns:

Advertising budget Commission
Up to 200 EUR per month 20 EUR
From 200 EUR per month 15%



Why remarketing?

Predominantly, remarketing shows high efficiency, and it can be used to promote sites. This is due to the fact that minority of people make a purchase at the first visit of a resource.

Retargeting, in its turn, allows you to return some of the departed Internet users. If they return, they will more likely buy or order something on your site, being that spending time they have managed to reach a positive decision regarding the expediency of the purchase. As statistics show, conversion at retargeting is higher than in context.

Retargeting ads can be fine-tuned (for example, set a limit on the number of impressions per user).